Now create a ‘Say Thanks’ video for your Facebook friends

Now create a ‘Say Thanks’ video for your Facebook friends


Kuala Lumpur, November 22 – Now you can thank your friends on Facebook with a personalised ‘Say Thanks’ video created specially for them. Facebook has launched a new tool that lets you create a video using inbuilt themes and old posts from your timeline. The service uses posts and photos you have shared with your friends in the past to create a unique ‘Thank You’ video.

To create a ‘Say Thanks’ video, go to and click on a friend’s name. Choose a theme like Friends, Old Friends, or Family, and choose photos and posts from your timeline that you want to include in your video.

Facebook ‘Say Thanks’ videoKeep in mind that if you’d like to include photos or posts in your video, you’ll have to choose at least five. Once your video is ready, you can share it with your friends. Both you and your friend will be tagged in it, so you will both get a notification that lets you watch the video. However, if you want to share your video on Facebook, click on ‘Post’ instead of ‘Share’ and it will appear on your timeline.

In a blog post, Facebook announced, “Millions of people use Facebook every day to connect with the people and things that matter to them most. Your friends are at the core of your Facebook experience, and we are always looking for new ways to help you celebrate those friendships. Today we’re excited to announce Say Thanks, an experience that lets you create personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook”.